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Post Brexit – Bexhill Property Prices set to drop £25,900 in the next 12 months?

Even the sane among us in Britain has to admit the Brexit vote will, in one shape or another, affect the UK Property market. Excluding central London which is another world, most commentators are saying prices will be affected by around 10%. So looking at the commentators’ thoughts in more detail, property values in Bexhill will be 10% lower than they would have been if we hadn’t voted to leave the EU.

As the average value of a property in the Rother District Council area is £258,800, this means property values are set to drop for the average Bexhill property by £25,880 … batten down the hatches… soup kitchens and mega recession here we come…it’s going to get rough.

BUT before we all go into panic mode in Bexhill… the devil is, as always, in the detail

Look at the phrase again, and I have highlighted the relevant part “Property values in Bexhill will be 10% lower than they would have been if we hadn’t voted to leave the EU”

Property values today, according to the Land Registry are 11.4% higher than a year ago in the Rother District Council area. The 12 months before that they rose by 5.4% and the 12 months before that, they rose by 3.98%. If we hadn’t voted to leave, I believe on these figures, we could have safely assumed Bexhill House prices would have been 9% higher by the Summer of 2017.

This is the point, we won’t see a house price crash in Bexhill, it’s just that house prices in a year’s time will be 1% lower than they are now (ie 9% less the 10% lower figure because of Brexit). Let’s look at the historic figures and how that compares to today’s figures for the Rother District Council area and Bexhill as a whole.

Average Value of a property 20 years ago                               £57,700

Average Value of a property 10 years ago                                £201,400

Average Value of a property 2 years ago                                  £220,400

Average Value of a property 1 year ago                                    £232,300

Average Value of a property today                                            £258,800

Projected Value of a property in 12 months’ time                 £256,200

Therefore, I believe the average value of a Bexhill property will be £2,600 lower in 12 months’ time than today.

That’s not to say Bexhill property prices might not dip slightly in the run up to Christmas (in fact they always have done just about every year since the year 2000 and most of those were boom years)… but in 12 months time this is my considered opinion of where Bexhill property values will be… and looking at the historic prices, even if I (and many other property market commentators) are wrong and they drop 10% from TODAY’S figure… in the whole scheme of things, we have been through a Credit Crunch, Black Monday and 15% interest rates over the last 20 to 30 years … and still Bexhill house prices have always bounced back.

Graph 125

Whilst the UK’s vote for Brexit has created an uncertainty in the Bexhill housing market, there is no need to panic and prospective buyers should merely use common sense about their purchases. I always say to people to be prudent and if you are taking out a mortgage, at some stage during the life of that mortgage, circumstances will be difficult. We won’t have a 2008 Credit crunch fire sale of properties because after the Mortgage Market Review which took place in the Spring of 2013, mortgage borrowers are not as highly leveraged this time around.  As a result of this, with any luck there will not be too many distressed sales, which cause widespread price reductions.

… and Bexhill landlords? They have recently been thrashed by Osborne’s tax changes, but yields could rise if Bexhill house prices fall/stabilise and rents grow, and this might also make it easier to obtain mortgages, as the income would cover more of the interest cost. If prices were to level or come down that could help Bexhill landlords add to their portfolio, as rental demand for Bexhill property is expected to stay strong as more people find it more and more difficult to obtain mortgages.

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